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B.A.P Scenarios:My Twisted Fairytale Part 2 (Mystery Man&You FIC)

A little part of the first scenario to refresh your minds:

The moon was shining bright and stars light the sky.You stood up on the edge of the balconies railing and swung your legs over and sat on it.Some many decisions you had to make, what were you going to do? you were depressed and your life had ended so what was the point of continuing?You stood up and opened your arms, tears streaming your face you gently pushed your body forward.But you felt something grab you tightly and pull you back, you felt a figure behind you…warm and strong.Who was it? thanks to this person you may live to see another day.


"LET GO OF ME" you tried to wriggle out of the person’s grip, you were crying and they pulled you closer to their chest to calm you down.

"Stop…its alright" he whispered into your ear.

You calmed down almost instantly at the sound of his voice.Your mind was racing with thought’s of dying, Daehyun and now him.You managed to catch your breath and stop panting.

"I deserve this" you speak with no emotion.As you look up into the sky.

"No you don’t…I knew this would happen I should have stopped it from ever going this far.

Your eyes widened and anger filled your body, you turned around and slapped him on the face.You didn’t want to look him in the eye, he just smiled.

"How could you even say that! you know I love him with all my heart" you breakdown and walk past him back into the living room.You sit on the couch, feeling numb you are unable to move.He walks in moments later and sits next to you his elbows on his knee’s he places his head into his hands.

"It was my responsibility to protect you and I didn’t" he looks up at you "I didn’t take a chance when I had it, and now I’m suffering for both of our losses".

You tried to comprehend his words “What are you talking about” you notice he is very upset and it makes you feel even worse “Please tell me” you move closer to him and place you head on his shoulder.He looks at you.

"I always loved you….just never had the courage to say it" you lift your head to look at him."I knew you fell in love with Daehyun so I accepted that fact and pretended I was happy but I know in my heart no one could love you as much as I can, but seeing you happy was all that mattered" he sighed.

You heart dropped, you looked him in the face and placed a long passionate kiss on his lips “Himchan….” you whispered.And held onto him and cried as he rubbed your head and smiled at you.

You both sat in each others embrace, he was your best friend the one person who was always there for you and you never noticed his true feelings towards you because you were blinded by Daehyuns love.It all made sense now,everything was in order.Himchan would be the perfect man for you, no one could compare to him.You felt better knowing that you could let Daehyun go now, because the truth was you did love Himchan more then you thought you did.You fell asleep in his arms, you were going to live another day..the next days of your life with your prince and savior.


Himchan’s cellphone rings.He quickly pulls it out of his pocket.

"Hey" he says with a smile on his face.

"So did you tell her?" a warm happy voice asked.

"Yes I did, thank you bro you don’t know what this means to me" himchan smiled and looked at you lovingly while you lay asleep.

"It was meant to be, I wasn’t the right one for her it was always you and even her heart will know that now…I just feel bad for the way I left and the things I said" the man on the other line was quiet.

"She’ll forgive you once I tell her the real truth but for now let’s just keep this our secret OK" Himchan laughed "Goodbye". He hung up the phone and placed it on the table behind him.

"And thank you Daehyun".

*So Himchan was the mystery man (total was 25 votes!!! with Yongguk close behind at 22!):) how sweet huh? how did you like that yet again another twist at the end? so that means Daehyun wasn’t a complete jerk he just wanted to help his best friend out knowing that it was the best decision he could make to keep you happy..awww how sweet!*

B.A.P Scenarios: Behind My Mask Imma Joker Baby (Daehyun and You Smut)

Daehyun you boyfriend is quite the jokester/clown he never takes anything to seriously but you love that about him, he’s so cute and playful.But one day you decide to take things on a more mature level expecting him to show off his more manly side.

"Jagiyaaa come here" Daehyun called for you in panic, he had dropped a plate and it broke into a million pieces around him."Are those the good china plates!" you asked in horror as he gave you a trolling smile.You ran to pick up the larger pieces "Are you mad baby" he asked innocently."Daehyun" you sighed "these cost a fortune!" you threw the bigger pieces into the trash."Calm down baby…those were the cheap one’s I bought you" he smiled."Oh yes how can I forget the lovely cheap plates my boyfriend bought me.. thank you" you spoke sarcastically and he laughed."What were you doing?" you asked suspiciously."I was trying to get your attention" he smiled and winked at you."What?….there were others way to get my attention" you pout at his craziness and shake your head."Yes but you know I like being dramatic".He came close to you and pulled you in for a kiss, you felt waves of pleasure.Your bodies being so close skin to skin felt amazing.You suddenly got a thought in your head, you bit your lip "I have an idea, you want attention right?" you smirk at him.He cocks his eyebrow and nods "Well then" you whisper in his ear "How about I meet you in the bedroom in 15 mins, I want to show you some new moves" you lick his ear and he shivers."Got ya" he winks and walks towards the room.

You clean up the remaining mess.And walk towards the room, you let your hair down and tousle it giving it a sexy bed head look. You pull one strap of you dress down on your arm, you were going to make him a man tonight.You laughed and ached inside at the thought of him being dominant.You push the door open gently and there is Daehyun sitting on the bed with no shirt on but, he seems to be meditating? his eyes are closed and his feet crossed underneath him.He is wearing his mask on his face.You walk overly quietly “YAHHHH WHAT IS THIS?” you ask as the sudden horny feeling is gone.He peers at you with one eye open and pushes his mask down “I’m meditating” he smiled “That’s what you were referring to earlier no?” he smiles.”What?” you ask literally confused.”The new moves…yoga moves…”.You face palm and shake your head “Are you that clueless?” you ask in shock.

He looks at you for a while seriously trying to think about what your saying “I don’t know sorry” he pokes out his tongue ” by the way what happened to you? it looks like you been through a tornado” he laughs and falls back into the bed.You pull your dress strap up and clench your jaw at his apathy.You crawl onto the the bed and on top of him, he sits up to face you.”What are you doing?” you straddle him and push his hands against the bed completely pinning him.”I’m trying to seduce you” you murmur as you nip at his neck.He moans and you laugh.”You like that huh?” whisper and continue kissing down his neck.Your hands trailing down his body finally tugging at his pants.You can feel his member grow.You push his pants all the way down until he is naked “No underwear?” you laugh as you play with his member a little, its fully erect and he seems to be blushing.”I cant do yoga with it on” he laughs and looks at you.You smile at his embarrassment he’s to cute.You lick the tip of his member and he groans again, precum slowly escapes.You were about to place it in your mouth until you stop and sit up abruptly.”Whats wrong? is it over?” he asks disappointed.”No….its just I want you to take the lead for once.You peel your dress off you body, revealing that you indeed have no underwear on either “And here you were questioning my lack of underwear” he laughs.You throw your dress at his face and he throws it to the ground.

"Now are you going to be a big boy and please me like how a man should?" you ask sultrily.He smirks and pulls you down onto him "That depends…jagiya" he laughs and flips you under him, he plays with your nipple while he licks at the other one tenderly.You arch your back, the pleasure is intense and your already more then wet! You tangle you fingers into his hair and force him closer into you.You moan and he smirks."You know this is going to count as exercise right?" he smiles cheekily as he sits up and adjusts himself at your opening."Don’t bring up exercise during sex please" you whine.He bends down and kisses your lips, he sits back and pushes his member deep into you quickly, he pulls out very slowly making you buck your hips impatiently.He holds your hip down tightly to stop you from moving.You sigh as he begins to go in and out at a rather slow pace."I’m conserving energy" he laughs and drops his head to the side while he pumps in and out. You roll your eyes…the conversation is so not making you horny."You don’t need to conserve energy just fuck me please!" you whine again and he shakes his head."More calories burned this way" you pout, he was acting immature again.

Finally pleasure seeped into his body and he began moaning as he moved at a faster rate, your face was contorting in pleasure “Baby d-d-ont make those faces!” he laughs breathlessly “You l-look f-funny” he speaks in between pumps.”Shut up!” you yell and move your hips to his rhythm.Your about to reach your end and you feel his body tense as he leans into you supporting his weight by his forearms.He moves closer to your ears “Cum for me” you says in the most sexual tone you have ever heard him speak in, you claw at his back his voice alone could make you cum.One more final thrust and the bought of you come together, your body convulsing under his.He stares at your face lovingly and tries to catch his breath.After a couple moments your laying in each others arms basking in the afterglow of sex.”Wow, I must admit you took the lead you definitely are a man baby” you kiss his lips.He smirks “You know it” he looks at you then at the ceiling “Were not going to the gym today though right…I had enough of a workout today?” he stated innocently.”DAEHYUN!”

~Written by Noori, Requested by Anon~

B.A.P Scenarios: My Twisted Fairytale (Daehyun and You FIC)

You and Daehyun have been going strong for a while now, but your relationship has been rocky for the past months there really is no hope left that you two will pull through but a little bit of hope keeps you going strong…but who knew that even your boyfriend the most amazing perfect caring man can be… heartless. *Sad Scenario/Twist ending*

You cant recall on how many days you cried over this. Your eyes were dry and bloodshot from all the crying and lack of sleep you were getting.It hurt knowing that this may be the end of what you thought was your perfect fairytale.The fame was getting to your boyfriend Daehyun and he no longer loved you the way he used to, since debut you barely spoke.You knew it was going to be hard but no so hard that it tore you apart.He sat across the room from you talking on his phone, was it a girl? who was it? he was so happy whenever this mystery person called…and lately they have been calling a lot.He got up and walked your way without saying a word he headed for the door.You swallowed a lump in your throat “Wont you stay for dinner” you could barely speak, you already knew the answer.”No..I’m heading out I’ll be late don’t wait up for me” he said with no emotion almost robotically.You closed your eyes as pain coursed through your body, you took a deep breath and looked at him giving him a weak smile.”You haven’t eaten since morning please just eat a little…I made your favorite pasta” you asked kindly, with sincere care in your heart.He groaned “Are you going to at me nag to eat? I’m heading out for dinner so don’t worry” he said the last part forcefully and shattered your heart as he opened the door and left with a loud bang.

You fell to the ground, your body became numb.You didn’t care who he went out with to eat it didn’t matter anymore.Its the fact he completely disregards you is what is killing you.Your relationship is no longer like boyfriend/girlfriend it feels to constrained and forced.

You sat there for god knows how long just back tracking and reminiscing about the old days when your fell in love, you cried at the memories.Suddenly you heard the door open.You looked up at the wall clock it was almost midnight, you have been sitting there for almost four hours.Daehyun walks in and see’s you still sitting on the kitchen floor, he walks over to you quickly and sits down besides you “What happened are you hurt?” he asks in urgency as he looks around you to see if any damage was done.That little bit care brought warmth back to you.You hugged him tightly when he least expected it and he sighed.He lifted your chin to face him and inspected your eyes “You were crying again” he mumbles.”I miss us” you begin to weep and he just shakes his head.”Why are you like this?, Why don’t you love me anymore?” you looked into his eyes.And immediately you stopped crying and sat up straight.He lacked any emotion, he had no tears.You only saw darkness in his eyes.You pushed yourself away from him as he gave you another look.

He stood up slowly “Its just not working anymore” he has a stoic expression.Your lips begins to quiver, this is the end there is no time to fix this.You shake your head and stand up “Well I hope you keep her happy” you say softly as pain rips through your heart and you become dizzy.You use the nearby counter for support but he doesn’t even notice the pain your in, he looks past you he’s completely oblivious.He walks closer to you and places his hand on your head “You knew this day would come, you sensed it months ago” he kissed your forehead “Lets not pretend it hurts us to separate ok” he smiles “I know you wanted this” he moves away from you.You cant understand his words but then you recall a fight you once had where you had said to him that you wouldn’t even care if you broke up with him because there was no love left.Anger seeps into your body, of all the loving things you have said to him in the past he chose to bring up the one bad thing you said in a fit of rage, he was truly evil for doing this.

"I know what I said….but that was in anger" you whispered.He just smirked at you "convenient excuse" you felt another sharp pain ripping through your heart."I promise to keep her happy" he said with slight cockiness "because unlike you she wont ever tell me the things you did" he shook his head.You cringed, how could he have forgotten all of the good and remember only the bad? was he losing his mind?You swollowed hard and nodded you didn’t want to hear anything else this was the end he was speaking with so much venom in his heart."I’m sorry" was all you could say."I’m taking all my things back home I wont be coming back here again" he spoke with anger and picked up his coat."Goodbye" he began walking to the door as you led him out, you had nothing to say because you had already died on the inside.As he walked out and you closed the door, you leaned your body into the door and began to weep.On the other side Daehyun leaned against the door and closed his eyes as a tear fell from his eyes.He walked away from your life forever. 

You after a moment decided there was no point in crying over this anymore, he wouldn’t come back.You walked to the living room and looked outside the balcony window as you saw his figure step into his car.You opened the balcony window and stepped outside.The cold wind hit you hard, you tightly wrapped your arms around yourself.You looked into the distance, it was dark out.The moon was shining bright and stars light the sky.You stood up on the edge of the balconies railing and swung your legs over and sat on it.Some many decisions you had to make, what were you going to do? you were depressed and your life had ended so what was the point of continuing?You stood up and opened your arms, tears streaming your face you gently pushed your body forward.But you felt something grab you tightly and pull you back, you felt a figure behind you…warm and strong.Who was it? thanks to this person you may live to see another day.

*TRYING SOMETHING NEW HERE! Surprise twist ending!, did you guys like it? I liked it hahah so here’s the thing I want to write a part 2 to this with the new mystery person! so like this story and send me a message on who you want this person to be…the person who gets voted the most will be in part 2 isn’t that fun?* message me your choice here :

~Written by Noori,Requested by Anon~

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B.A.P Scenarios: Struck By Love (You and Your Bias)

You and your bias/bf had a huge argument, in a fit of rage he walks out on you leaving you there feeling lonesome and guilty.You quickly realize your mistake and run after him to stop him from leaving you, he is halfway across the street and your running towards him when a car turns the corner and nearly hits him, you quickly push him away as the car hits you.He watches in horror as your body lays limply on the ground,blood slowly drenching the pavement.

"I’m sick of this, these arguments are getting out of hand" you boyfriend sighed and looked at you defeated."Say what you want I’m not doing this anymore" he turned his back to you and stood there venting in anger, his fists were clenched you have never seen him angry like this.

You walked over to him angrily and spun him around “What the hell do you mean your not doing this anymore” you asked accusingly.

At first he was calm and then fury took over him “Well I meant this as in all this fighting and arguing” he pushed you “But now I mean I cant stand you anymore!” he yelled.

Your heart dropped.He wanted to end it all with you over some stupid trivial matters? you tried to think quickly of a way to save your relationship but the fact that you were so pissed off only made you say the opposite.”Leave then! I hate you and I don’t need a useless boyfriend like you anyways” You tore the promise ring he had given you off of your finger and chucked it near the door.

He gave you a very disappointed and hurt look, he shook his head and walked to pick up the ring. He looked at it and gently placed it in his pocket. He sighs and rubs his face with his hands, you can see the emotion in his face, he’s about to breakdown completely yet you felt no remorse.”OK _______-ah i’ll leave you alone.He grabbed his jacket and made his way out of you house “I’m sorry” he whispered and walked away closing the door lightly.

You paced around the room nervously as tears streamed your face and your heat beat faster making it feel like your chest would burst.Why did you always makes things worse then it was? You should have just apologized it was your mistake not his and you completely shattered him. You rubbed your finger, the fact that the ring was gone made you hit reality hard. You ran to the door, running to catch your boyfriend and to never let him go. You were half way across “wait!!” you yelled, you saw a vehicle approaching his way while his back was turned you quickly ran and pushed him as hard as you could.The loud sound of a car halting was heard echoing through the street, the sound your body made while impacting the car could never be forgotten. You lay there limp and in pain losing consciousness. “_______-AH” you saw your boyfriends face, as he lifted your half dead body into his arms he was crying as you felt a hot red liquid dripping around your eyes…blackness over took you.

You awoke sometime after, you realized you were in the hospital.Your whole body hurt and you couldn’t move without it feeling like a sharp knife was jabbing at you innards.You groaned and moved a little, as your eyes adjusted to the things around you.You noticed your boyfriend sitting there with his face in his hands.He looked like a mess and was covered in blood.The shock finally hit you, as you noticed your body was wrapped tightly in a cast.And one bandage on your forehead, you placed you hand to your head. The blood was seeping through the thin material.”______-ah” you croaked. He shot a glance at you while instantly standing up and making his way to you, his eyes were bloodshot and his face weary.He sat next to you and held you hand in his “______-ah” he began to weep “I-i’m s-so sorry” he kissed your hand and looked into your eyes.”What happened” you asked unaware of the whole situation “why are you bleeding” you began to cry.He moved in closer to you to gently rub your head.

"After our fight I walked out on you, you came after me…." he paused "I was in the middle of the road when you got there and a car came by, you pushed me and the car hit you" he cried.You looked wide eye into the distance and began to cry while facing him "I’m sorry" you murmured "But I deserved it" you shook your head."NO YOU DIDNT" he placed his finger to your lips "baby I almost lost you" his lip was quivering.He kissed you softly on the lips "I owe my life to you, I’m just thankful god gave us a second chance" he smiled a little.You smiled at the sentimental moment."Maby this was a lesson huh?" you tried to laugh but it hurt to much.He leaned back into the hospital bed, while pushing your body against his."I promised to always protect you and I failed" he spoke with no emotion "I’m not good for you" he said while looking at the top of your head."No….this…will bring us closer" you kissed his hand "please don’t leave me" your turned around a little to face him, even though it hurt you knew this was the man of your life and no matter what may happen good or bad you would always pull through with him.

He wrapped his arms around you “I love you so much” he kissed the top of your head “lets never fight again.He pulled your left hand to him and placed your promise ring back on.”Forever and always mine” he smiled.You had a the biggest smile on your face, everything was going to be ok from now on as long as you have him.

~Written by Noori, Requested by Theteataster~

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B.A.P Scenarios:Im The One In Control And I Always Win (Himchan and You..Smut)

You and Himchan share a little sexy time after making each other jealous. Nuff said.

You and Himchan were spending the night alone at home, you both stayed up late to watch movies and just be in each others company.Himchan was growing excited as a sexy bedroom scene appeared on the screen, you rolled your eyes and inwardly cussed at the beautiful woman on the screen you envied that B****H.Himchan gave you a side glance and smirked to himself he knew it was pissing you off.”Oh wow….that guy he is sexy” you suddenly divert your attention to the man on the screen, he was a chocolate abs god!.You drooled a little and Himchan curled his lip then wrinkled his nose.”Yah…he has a good body..must workout a lot” he smiled and you grunted at his lack of jealousy “But man that woman…..bodies like that…. mmm one should be so lucky to have a voluptuous woman like that” he smiled at you innocently.You cringed and got up “Then why don’t you go and find one like that asshole” you yelled at him and he looked at you in shock.He stood up and smirked “Jealous are we?” he placed his hand under your chin to make you look him in the eye.”No…..I just wish” you turned around “I had a guy like that to make me feel good” you bit your tongue while suppressing a laugh,Himchan should explode any minute now.

"So….your saying I cant please you?" he asked daringly "Your one to talk miss-she-thinks-she-can-please-me" he laughs and sits back down. Your face loses all color, did he just imply you suck at love making? "That’s exactly what I’m saying" you retorted "I’m the only one who can ever make either of us feel good, your just not man enough".Himchan cocks and eyebrow and stands up "Is that so" he says while taking his shirt off and throwing it across the room "Wanna bet?" he smirks at you, you begin to rip off your blouse."Bring it on" you run towards him and tackle him to the ground while locking your lips tightly onto his and pinning his arms down.He quickly flips you over so that now he is dominating you, he straddles you without putting all his weight on "Your going to regret it when I win" he huskily laughs and pulls your pants down.Your lying there in your underwear, you sit up and push him off of you as you pull his pants down roughly "The only regretful person will be you" you wink. You both stand up and begin to have a kiss battle, roughly pushing your bodies together and dropping objects as you walk by towards the room. You both laugh and freeze once your in the room. Who would lead now?

By some miracle you suddenly gained superhuman strength…overactive hormones? You grabbed Himchan and threw him on the bed, well he stumbled but at least you were dominant now.He shook his head is amazement “Wow”.You jumped on him and straddled him, you began trailing kisses down his neck.He moaned a little and closed his eyes, your heart began to beat loudly as you smiled at his response “I did that on purpose to make you feel like you were winning” he peered with one eye open you glared at him.”Ahh” you yelled and and kissed him.He began trailing his hands down your body and undid your bra slowly pulling it away from you and dropping it on the ground.He began to play with your nipples making them hard.You held back a moan.He frowned.He moved his lips away from yours on placed them on your bud, you dug your hands into his hair but didn’t let out a sound “You know your pulling my hair really hard….your enjoying this” he laughed and looked at your flushed face.”No I’m not” you stated simply and moved your hands away and got off of him.He pulled you back this time with you under him as he slowly moved your underwear down “Then why are you trying to escape?” he smirked as he threw the underwear away.”IM NOT TRYING TO ESCAPE” you yelled “I was letting you escape before you lose the bet” you blushed.

"Right" he leaned into your body and spread your legs so he could get in between.He slowly began rubbing your clit as your turned your head to the other side the pleasure was overwhelming but you wouldn’t give in.He slowly began creeping his finger around your opening, you were so wet…another indication.He began teasing you by rubbing his fingers around your opening and slightly putting a finger in.You almost gave into him until you gained enough will to stop him.You pushed him away lightly with your foot "Hey" he pouted."I’m sorry I’m not feeling turned on yet" you wink at him."Hmm" he sits down besides you, he was becoming worrisome you were good…real good.You went to sit down in front of him and pushed you hand down his underwear. He was semi-erect…no he was good…real good.He should have been turned on by now.You frowned, maby you really did suck at love making.You pulled his member out and quickly placed it in your mouth. He wasn’t expecting that and he moaned out loud."Hhahahahaha I got you now" you laughed and continued licking and sucking on him.You laughed and made a sour face "Its because you almost bit me" he leaned back onto his elbows and sighed while closing his eyes.."Shut up, you know you like this.

He got up and pushed you away “Sorry not feeling it” he stated with apathy, his member was fully erect what was he talking about? He pulled you up to him and pushed you further up the bed near the headboards as he climbed on top of you “My turn” he smiled.He spread your legs and grabbed onto your ankles and adjusted himself closer to your entry.”Are you ready? this is when I win” he smirks and plunges deep into you.You both moan in unison at the amount of pleasure your experiencing all that trying to prove who’s better made you both really horny you didn’t expect it to feel this good.Himchan moaned loudly and began pumping in faster and harder, your screamed and tugged on the bed shaking your head side to side…You both won.

Himchan let go of your legs and moved up your body, he was still pumping into you and you felt like you were going to explode any minute now.But you still both had some fight left in you, who would cum first? You both moaned and groaned soon nearing the end where your body would inevitably give up. He kissed your lips as he pumped a few more times, he came into you and you both let out a deep sigh and giggled.”Uh…Him—chan” you tried to catch your breath as he stuck his head even deeper besides you “I still haven’t…”you blushed and he looked at you hysterically “WHAT!”.He got up abruptly “So therefore I win” you winked and he looked at you sadly.He had failed, he was sad…not because he lost the bet but because he he didn’t pleasure you till your climax. He got back on top and pushed in one final time.You don’t know what happened you felt a blinding amount of pleasure as your body began to shake and you clutched on to him. You orgasmed for what felt like an eternity.

He rolled off of you and smiled “Just had to let you feel like you won before destroying your hopes” he chuckled and looked at you, you were still slightly shaking unable to speak but you gave him an evil look. “KIM HIMCHAN 1” he looks at you “_______-ah 0!….I love jealous sex”.

~Written by Noori,Requested by Binalove12~

B.A.P Scenarios: Touch her And You Die (Yongguk&Himchan version)

Your walking with you bias/bf from the movies one night and a strange man has been following you two for a while.Your bias notices but doesn’t say something at first until the man tries to grab your booty, what will your biases reaction be?


You both walked out of the theater together hand in hand, you had watched a recent slasher flick and were scared so you grabbed on tightly to Yongguks arms, clawing away like a mad woman even though the movie was over you had that lingering fear something bad was going to happen.”JAGIYA!” Yongguk screams “that hurts” he pouts at you cutely and pulls you closer to him “don’t be scared nothing can hurt you as long as I am here” he winks and kisses you on the lips.”I know baby I just feel weird that’s all promise me you wont show me another horror movie again” you teeth clattered.Youngguk turned you and led you down a dark alley way, the short cut back to his place.”I hate alleys” you murmured and followed Yongguk who surprisingly was very quiet and kept looking behind him every so often. Soon after you felt a presence behind you grab at your butt and you jumped a little “Ahh” you screamed and ran over to the other side of Yongguk. Yongguk grabbed the cloaked figure by the neck and smashed him against the wall “You touch her you die” he said in his deep husky voice.The man looked at Yongguk in horror as Yongguk gave him a deranged snarl.You place you hand gently on his and he loosens his grip on the shaking man.”My hero” you smile. The man quickly gets to his feet and runs away.Yongguk looks into the distance triumphantly…..WARRIOR HOO!


"Yeobo" you wrapped your arms around Himchans waist has he laid his arm across your back and shoulder."Hmm" he mumbled still gleaming from the horror flick you watched."That movie was so lame"you laughed and looked him in his eyes as he turned to face you.He suddenly had a dark scary look to him and he gave you a smirk "boo".You leaned back and your face contorted in horror "Stop it himchan!!" you yelled and he laughed and went back to normal.While both of you continued walking and laughing until a man approached you and whistled at you.You moved closer to Himchan who seemed to be in his own little world..singing.He didn’t notice the man, you felt uncomfortable because the man was moving in closer behind you.His hand were grazing your lower back.You turned around and slapped the man in the face and he fell hard on the ground."Pervert!!!" you screamed and began to attack him as Himchan quickly grabbed you by the hips and pulled you off of him."Baby…calm down".You began to cry "He was touching me".Himchan slowly turned his face to look at the man, he had an angry expression on his face.He leapt for the man and began pounding him.You pulled Himchan away "Oh thank you my savior…your going to kill him!" you laughed as the other man got up and cussed you guys off before running away.Himchan straightened himself out and tried to crack his neck but failed and winced in pain."You were so oblivious" you stated as you rubbed his neck for him "And you almost killed the dude" you laughed."I’m sorry, I was thinking about something…. at least that was taken care of" he smiled and you continued on home. WARRIOR HOO!

~Written by Noori,Requested by Anon~

*This my baby’s was getting a bit cheesy in my opionion so in the future I will perhaps do another one to make up for the lack of storyline in this….forgive me*

B.A.P Scenarios: For The Very First Time (Zelo and You)

*I’m making this a very mild smut only because I cant ever….ever…..even in the darkest depths of my mind imagine Jelloooo in this situation!*

You and Zelo have been going out for a few months and everything has been going well, you have been thinking about the first time your going to lose your virginity to him and it scares you. Your afraid of what may happen, Zelo also feels the same way but in a sweet moment of worry and understanding you make love for the first time.

Your both in bed, sweating and nervous. Your skin is flushed as a brush creeps on on both your faces.Your eyes piercing at each others souls this is the moment both your lives will change.Zelo looks away from you and smirks, both of you are unable to find the right words to make the situations less embarrassing.Zelo readjusts himself on top of you while you place your hands around his back to grip his shoulder blades.

"Im scared" your whisper into his neck.

His body is tense and you can feel him slightly squirming “So am I, but its going to be ok” he looks down at you and kisses your lips “Just tell me if it hurts” he kisses your forehead and moves in closer to you, leading his member to your entry.

Your body tenses up from the pain your expecting to feel.You love Zelo alot and would do anything for him so you push away your fears and let him take over your body.

He gently glides half way into you and you pinch your eyes shut at at pain, it burns but you let him know it.You force a scream back down your throat as you eyes become watery while  he pushes in deeper, somehow you manage to smile through it all as you slightly moan.

He stops “Are you ok? did I hurt you?” he asks worriedly.

You shake your head and smile while a tear escapes and gently slides down your chin.

"WHY ARE YOU CRYING THEN" he asks in panic.

You pull his body closer “Because I get to share this moment with the love of my life” and that is truly the reason you felt so emotional, pain aside it was the fact Zelo was with you in this moment that made you emotional…in a good way of course.

He smiled and nodded while he finally was all the way in, he began to slowly thrust.It still hurt but soon enough it began to feel amazing and you could him slightly grunt and moan every now and then.Knowing you could make him feel this way gave you courage and you began to buck you hips to his rhythm.Both of you moving faster and moaning louder, you let out a loud scream when he hit your sweet spot and you heard the neighbor banging on the wall. You both laughed.You were at the edge and about to explode you can see Zelo nearing his finish, a couple final pumps and both of you climax together. Moaning and grunting trying to catch your breath. The neighbor bangs the wall again and you ignore him.

"That was amazing" Zelo rolls over to your side and pulls your body closer to his, he kisses the top of your head "I love—-" you turn around and place you hand to his lips.

"I love you doesnt count after…sex" you blush.

You both laugh.

You turn back around and wrap his arms around you and fall asleep, that’s until you hear a knock on the door. Zelo gets up reluctantly with a blanket wrapped around his waist and goes to open the door. And standing there is ajusshi with a bowl of noodles in his hand, his mouth wide open. He stares into the room and see’s you on the bed with the blanket pulled up to your chest.

"Ahhh you again—-" The man spits his noodles out slightly, Zelo slams the door in his face and gives you a very disturbed look.

*Oh shizz I did it again didn’t I?* (Read “dancing in the rain” and “frozen food fight” and you’ll know what I mean)

~Written by Noori, Requested by Anon~

B.A.P Scenarios: Frozen Food Fight!!! (Zelo and You)

Your on a date with your bias Zelo and you both decide to check out a new ice cream place. There are so many flavors you both get really hyper from all the sugar and start up a little immature fun of your own until you both get kicked out of the shop.

"Yahhhh Noona!" Zelo looked at the store excitedly "look at all that ice cream" he grabbed your hands and pulled you into the shop.

You both stared at the rows and rows full of delicious flavored ice cream, this was going to be an amazing day.You both loved ice cream so much it was your favorite food.

"Zeloooooo im not leaving until we try every flavor!" you smiled and he winked at you as you both grabbed 2 huge bowls and began scooping up different flavors in your bowls.

"Nooonna come here" he called you to a booth, he had about 12 different flavors from you could tell you also had a dozen flavors.

You sat down and began eating the soft serve ice cream. You both moaned in pleasure as the other customers eyed the both of you suspiciously and you two giggled.

"Try this one Jelllllo" you shoved your spoon into his mouth, it was chocolate flavored or so you thought.

"WHAT IS THAT?" zelo asked licking his lips "Its so delicious".

You took a bite “Mmmmm no idea but I think its my favorite” you giggled.

Zelo held up his spoon against your lips “No…..try this”.

You took a bite “O…M…G” your eyes widened “THATS THE BEST ONE!!” you screamed.Zelo laughed playfully and took a bite also.

A few moments had passed by and you both were stuffed and super hyper. You couldn’t sit still and you definitely couldn’t take another bite!.

"Zelooo" you grumbled while rubbing your belly "we have to finish these they’re melting" you clenched your belly at the thought of eating more.

Zelo slumped in his seat and looked at you lazily “I cant Noona, I’m going to die”.

He took his spoon and dipped it into the bowl, he cheekily smiled and bit his tongue as he flung some ice cream your way it landed right on your nose and you sat up giving him a glare.

"Zelo!" you yelled and took your spoon and flung some ice cream at him which landed on his hair and dripped down onto his face.

Just then you both stood up and ran towards the ice cream displays and began grabbing huge chunks of ice cream in you hands and flinging at each other.You both laughed hysterically as you made a mess and got covered in sticky goodness.The ice cream melted all over the floors and you slipped falling to the ground. Zelo with the handful of ice cream came to pick you up but not before smearing ice cream all over you face.

"Wahhhhh!!" you yelled and tackled him.

You were both a mess an laughed on as you wiped your face, Zelo licked you face a little “Mmmm you taste good Noona” he winked and pulled you up as the store owner made his way over to you to.

You quickly licked Zelo’s face “Mmm Zelo tastes good to” you winked back at him.

"Get the hell out of my shop!" he yelled and pulled you two by the collars and led you out of the shop.

"Sorry" you both said in unison and laughed when he left.

You looked ahead and there was the same ajusshi you had seen once before sitting on a bench looking at you with a bowl of ice cream in his hands…”First the rain and now this, just my luck” he laughed as you both stared at each other.

(you see what I did there? *grins* if you didnt get it read “Dancing in the rain” scenario)

~Written by Noori, Requested by Anon~

B.A.P Scenarios: But Im Still A Baby! (Zelo and You)

You have been dating Zelo for a while now, everything in your life is perfect with him but there is something that has been keeping you on edge.Your pregnant and have been for a while a now, you are trying your best to hide it from him.In a way you don’t want the child, but knowing that it is a part of you and Zelo your soon to be motherly instincts kick in and you accept it.Zelo on the other hand has been noticing your weird behavior lately and he begins to question your sudden change in personality.

You were cooking some pasta, you looked like a mess you were wearing an over sized hoodie that belonged to Zelo.Your hair was tied in a messy bun with hair falling on the sides of you face, your face was slightly flushed as Zelo walks in.

"Baby hi" he smiles sweetly as he enters the kitchen.He places a small kiss on your cheeks.

"Hi baby" you force a smile and look at him weakly "I’m glad you had the time to come over" you stirred the pasta.

"Well…I wouldn’t want to miss out on your cooking" he smiled and leaned against the counter next to you."You look a bit sick are you OK?" he asked with concern.

"Yah…I’m fine just a bit tired lately" you spoke softly wishing he wouldn’t push on with this topic.

You noticed he was looking at you intensely.”You look different, and you been acting strange these days” he laughed while looking at the floor.”I fell something is wrong you can tell me you know” he looked at you with a gloomy expression.

"No! nothing is wrong like I said I’m just tired" you sighed.

"Ok" he muttered "By the way you look cute in my hoodie" he winked at you and came besides you to hug you but you backed away.

"Umm thanks….I should really get this pasta on the plates before I over cook it" you scurried off to grab some plates and serve the food.

As you went to place the plates down on the table Zelo came and hugged you from behind around your belly.You dropped the plates and gasped as he backed away from you.You stood there for an eternity you knew he felt the bump under your clothes, you shut your eyes tightly as you felt slightly dizzy and used the table to support your body weight.Zelo stood there starring blankly.

"Y-your ummm" he laughed "Gained some weight" he bit his lip as you turned around.

"Its not fat Zelo!!!!….."you looked at the ground.

"Its not…"he asked astonished "Then that means….." he fell to the ground and sat there trying to absorb the shock.

You ran to him and sat down next to him “Its a baby” you cried “Our baby” you embraced him and he hugged you back.

A million thought ran through yours and Zelo’s mind.As you both sat there thinking about the now uncertain future.

"I’m still just a baby" he laughed and lifted your face to face him "This is big news" he had a shocked look on his face but thankfully he was not against it.

"I’m sorry Zelo, I know this is wrong but the thought of having a child that belongs to the both of us just fills me with warmth" you began to cry "I was to scared to tell you, thinking you would not accept it" you shook your head.

"Its going to be hard…..but you know I would want nothing more" he looked at you with a soft caring smile "This baby is a sign of our undying love and we will take care for it" he kisses you on the lips.

You both stand up and walk over to the tables “So please take care of yourself and the baby for me” he smiles and places some pasta in your mouth.

You nod in agreement chew on the pasta.”I love you” you whisper to him.

"I love you" and he bends down to kiss your belly "And you".

~Written by Noori, Requested by Little-Inspirit~

B.A.P Scenarios: A Mini Me!!? (Himchan and You)

You and Himchan have been married for over 2 years now. Life couldn’t be anymore amazing you have the perfect cute,sexy,loving,caring and protective husband in the world.He in many ways is like a child that you love to take care of, he is silly and sometimes whiny.One day you find out that your pregnant with his child and you feel overjoyed but kinda scared at how he will react to the news and whether or not he is mature enough to take care of a child or will he be jealous and not accept it?

Himchan and you were sitting on the sofa cuddling each other.You had some very important news to tell him but you felt a little hesitant…it wasn’t just any old news…your were pregnant! You thought about what to say all day long and didn’t or should say couldn’t find the right words.You know he is going to be shocked but your not sure if its going to be in a good or bad way.He was nuzzling your neck while you zoned out.

"Yah jagiya" he looked at you worriedly "What’s wrong your really quiet today.

"Oh nothing…I’m just feeling a bit sick" you rubbed your neck with your hand then looked up and smiled at him.

"SICK!" he sat up and grabbed both your hands "what do you mean sick? you have a flu? whats wrong? is that why you have been throwing up lately?" his questions were making your head hurt.

"Himchan—-" you looked down, you just didn’t know how to say it…its was easy enough but the fear lingered."There’s a reason….I been throwing up" you looked up at him sadly "Do you know what I mean?".

A long pause.”Is it……” he thought for a moment and his eyes widened “Is it food poisoning!?” he looked pretty upset as he pulled you closer “We have to get you to a doctor then baby”.

You shook your head back and forth he was completely clueless.”No….its not food poisoning…something else think harder” you smiled.

"Ahh…" he scratched the back of his head and pulled you up as he bagan walking you to the door "I’ll let the doctor determine that" he grabbed both your coats as you stopped him and placed his hands on your belly.

He turned to face you and then looked down at his hand that was on your belly, your eyes began to water and he looked at you face in shock.

"I’m…pregnant" you began to cry and he stumbled back a little unable to speak.

"How….when" he mumbled.

"HIMCHAN!" you cried and banged on his chest playfully."Stop acting like that….your going to be a father" you hugged him.

He wrapped his arms around you “Me….a father” he still had a distant look to his face, the shock hadn’t absorbed yet.

"Are you upset….I’m sorry" you pouted.

He rubbed your head “Of Course I’m not upset” his voice cracked and you pulled away from him to see that he also had tears in his eyes, he forced a smile.

He was ecstatic to hear your news, he didn’t know how to react he had always wanted a child and his dream was coming true.His reaction may have proved otherwise but he was the happiest man alive.

He sits down on his knee’s and takes your hands into his, he wipes away a stray tear.”First you agree to marry me and make me happiest man alive” he laughed “then now your giving me a child, my second happiness” he looked up at you “I couldn’t have asked god for a more perfect life” he got up and kissed you “I love you”.

You both cried and hugged for the longest time ever. You felt so relieved that Himchan accepted your pregnancy all your fears vanished and a road to a fairytale life looked clear.You both went to sit down, wiping away the last of your tears you cuddled with Himchan as he placed his head on your belly and rubbed it affectionately.

"I guess I have competition now don’t I?" he giggled.

"You’ll always be my big baby yeobo" you cooed and gently played with his hair.

"What do you think its going to be?" he looked up at you.

"I feel like its a mini Himchan" you smiled at him and poked your tongue out.

'Really?! a mini me?” he laughed and placed his head on your belly giving it a gentle kiss.”Will you be able to handle two of us?”.

You thought long and hard about his question…”the baby I can manage its just my Himchan who’s going to be hard to take care of, somethings never change do they?” you laughed.

He hugged you even tighter and whispered sweet wonderful things to the life that was beginning to take place in you.Himchan is going to be an amazing father.

B.A.P Scenarios:Lollipop Lollipop Oh Lolli Lolli…

You bought tons of candies for you and you bias to munch on, you purposely choose the lollipop because your a bad girl and you love making you bias uncomfortable and slightly horny.You begin sucking on it, while closely examining your biases reaction.


"MMM this red one looks delicious" you peel off the wrapper and place the strawberry lolli in your mouth and lightly suck on it. Yongguk is looking at you first in cute way then his face changes and he sits up and leans into you "You like lollipops?" he asked huskily."Yah who doesn’t?" you ask while starring into his eyes.He licks his lips "I don’t" he laughed and you just shrugged your shoulders and ignored him.You slowly began to lick lolli in a more sexual way and yongguk just stared at you with his mouth open.You got him right where you want him, you gave him a slight side glance "mmmmmmmm soooo goood" you moaned a little.He couldn’t take it anymore "Give me that!" he snatched your lolli and aimed it for the garbage can and got it in.You pouted "what is your problem" you whined like a little child."Nothing baby its just I thought there’s something much more sweeter you may like" he winked at you, the answer was obvious but you played innocent."What do you mean oppa" you cooed and laughed.He pulled you closer and kissed you on the lips "Its another kind of lollipop, only made for you".


placed a pink lollipop into you mouth and tasted it, “AHHH IT WATERMELON” you cried happily.”I don’t know how you can eat those things its just sugar on a stick!!” Himchan frowned a little and then smiled at your cuteness.”Its so yummy though do you want a taste?” you asked while placing the lolli next to his mouth.”No I’m good thanks baby” he looked away.You pouted he was not being playful tonight. So you began sucking on your lolli a little to loudly.Himchan turned to face you “What are you doing?” he asked in shock. You ignored him and kept on sucking on the lolli “I’m eating cant you see?” you retorted.He bit his bottom lip and drooled a little.”Give me that” he snatched your lolli out of your hands and placed it on the table.He came closer to kiss you lips and took a quick taste.”That lollipop is sure lucky” he winked at you.You instantly understood what he meant and smirked at him “Oh is that so?” you asked lustily.He shook his head frantically “well then maby I need to share some of that luck with Himchan don’t I?” you swing your legs over him and pull him in for a kiss.


"Hey, you love lollipops huh want this blue one?" Zelo asked in his cute demeanor."Ohhhh thanks" you smiled and placed the lolli in your mouth "Yum blueberry… my favorite!" you replied happily as you began sucking on your lollipop.Zelo gave you an innocent look and smiled at your excitement, he watched you suck on the lollipop for a good while until a blush crept up on his face. He pulled the lollipop out of your mouth."Lets try some other candy now" he said shyly not looking you in the face."Zelooooooooo" you knew what you were doing to him, but it was so cute seeing him this way."I don’t want any other candy" you pouted."why not?" he asked in confusion."Because I only like things I can suck on" you both gasped at your words.You both blushed and didn’t dare to look each other in the eyes, at first this is what you wanted but then you realized you were to shy to push on.With his head hung low he picked up the lollipop and passed it back to you while looking at you "Ok then take it" he laughed. You went to grab it but he grabbed your hand first and kissed you on the lips.


"Oppa! pass me that yellow lollipop please" you smiled at Youngjae who passed you the yellow lollipop you were dying for."You know anymore of these and you’ll get cavities" he stated sternly and then smiled."But they’re sooo good oppa" you smiled.He shook his head as he picked some candies to eat, you began to slowly lick your lollipop suggestively.He glanced at you about four times before he really took a good look at you "You seem to be enjoying yourself" he stated while entwining his fingers.You wink at him "Its the best thing in the world" you imply innocently."Oh really?" he asks moving closer to you "Well let me tell you right now….your missing out on the best lollipop" he smirks."Oh!" you say in shock, you know what he means but you didn’t expect him to say that at all."And whats so special about this best lollipop?" you smirk at him.He moves in closer until your face to face "Well you wont get cavities….and it tastes a lot better….and it will make oppa happy to" he kisses you lips.


"Stop it" Jongup snatched the green apple flavored lolli from your mouth."Whats wrong?" you asked innocently, you can see the strain on his face."I just don’t like lollipops and you shouldn’t either" he said as he pouted and threw the lollipop away."Whats the matter with lollipops" you ask with curiosity."It’s just not good for you OK" he picks at the other candies until he finds a chocolate to his liking."Eat this" he hands you a chocolate.You cock an eyebrow "You know….chocolate is an aphrodisiac right?" you giggle a little and eat the chocolate.He stares at you with his mouth open "Its better then the lollipop though" he says in defense.:"But I like to suck on things" you said perversely.Just then you saw Jongup’s face contort "Is that so" he spoke with a new found confidence "Anything?" he implies sexually."Anything" you whisper.He grabs your hand and kisses you while pulling you away "Lets find out".


You were sucking on a white colored lollipop, the flavor was unknown but you liked it.”I wonder what this flavor is called” you spun the lolli around in your mouth while looking at Daehyun.”Pure Sugar” he laughed “Its just sugar” he shook his head.You sucked on it until it started dripping from your mouth “Aisshhhh” Daehyun looked at you and brought a napkin to your mouth “Your sucking that thing so hard its leaking, look at all that white gunk on your lips he wiped away the gunk as he placed a kiss on you lips. you both froze, that was so uncalled for.”I mean” he looked at you nervously.”Umm” you stared at him as he wiped your mouth.He bit his lips “Sooo” he began to mumble.You smirked “Whats on you mind huh?” you winked at him and he glared at you “I liked that white gunk” you giggled and he gulped.”You did huh?” he spoke slowly “Then come on” he got up and led you to the room “I got something even better”.

~Writen by Noori~

B.A.P Scenarios:Dancing in the rain (Zelo&You)

Today you were spending the day with Zelo. He wanted to take you out since it has been so long since the two of you have seen each other he wanted to make up for lost time. You were enjoying a day of sightseeing when it started raining heavily, thinking that the rain has ruined your perfect day you become sad. Zelo see’s your state of depression and cheekily smiles and tells you the fun is just beginning.

"Your not aloud to be upset noona" Zelo cupped your face in his hands "A little rain wont ruin our fun" he smiled at you and got up from his crouched position.For a fifteen year old he was pretty tall sometimes he didn’t even seem like a dongsaeng to you.

"What are you talking about" you pouted "It’s raining cats and dogs, were going to have to just go back home now" you sighed and looked at him.

"No wait, I have a great idea…noona….lets dance" he said while pulling you up from the bench.

"Nooo! my hair and clothes will get wet Zelo" you laughed and tried to pull away "And your going to get sick" you shook your finger disapprovingly.

"Fine! I’ll just dance on my own" he stuck his tongue out and walked away from you "Noona has no romance in her whatsoever" he turned and smirked at you.

You looked at him in shock, did he just question your romantic abilities? You crossed your arms over your chest “Lets see how romantic it’ll be when your sick and there’s no one to take care of you” you yelled that last part.

He cocked an eyebrow “Dont worry I have plenty of noona’s to turn to” he laughed as you glared at him and ran into the rain where he was standing.Both of you were drenched and you could careless about your hair and makeup.

"Don’t ever say that again" you pulled him by the collar "I’m the only noona who can take care of you araso!" you playfully smiled and winked at him.

"Hmmm making noona jealous always leads me to getting what I want, I’ll make a mental note of that" he winked back at you and you rolled your eyes.

He laced his arms around your back and pulled you closer as you placed you arms around his neck. He was just to adorable to resist, you smiled as you placed your head on his chest and began moving slowly to no music at all.

"Yah noona….you know every time I’m with you I hear this song in my heart" he looks off into the distance.

"Song?" you laugh.

"Its like…it just feels so right" he giggled.

"It better not be your debut song Warrior OK" you pushed away from him a little to see his face, as you made a sour face.

He laughed even louder as you both swayed “No noona…..its secret love” he placed his forehead against yours.

"Oh" you felt a gentle warmth in you heart "So you secretly love me huh Zelo?" you smirked at him and he hid his face on your shoulder.

"NOOOONA don’t embarrass me" he laughed.

"Yah!!…your usually upfront and now your saying I’m embarrassing you?" you accidentally stepped on his foot. "OPPS" you laughed and the both of you stopped dancing.

"What I mean is…. silly noona secretly loves me" he smiled exposing his perfect white pearly teeth.

You gulped “Yah so what” you slapped his arm “Noona can love you right?” you pouted.

"Hey….its no big deal" he shook his hands innocently.

Some random ajusshi was sitting on the bench watching you both dance “Oh please don’t stop, this is better then most k-drama’s” he had an excited look on his face.

You both looked at each other in slight horror and ran for it.Your feet pitter pattering in the rain.

~Written by Noori, Requested by Anon~

B.A.P Scenarios: Snowy Days (Jongup and You) Written by Thisismycolorpalatte, Edited by Noori

*Tried editing it to make paragraphs less squished up looking! it wont work
 :( just go to my page so it bearable and easier to read*
 Jongup was your best friend since you were really young and you two were always together but then he got famous and had no time to spend with you. Just then you notice how much you miss him and realize you actually like him more than a friend.
 You tried calling his number but there was no answer. It was the twentieth time you tried.Sleepy, tired and frustrated, you jump into your bed and try to sleep, just then your cellphone ringing. You received a message
"I’m sorry! We were in a middle of a interview. Are you sleeping now?" You smile. He still remembers you.
"Stupid!!. I thought you’ve forgotten me. How’s everything going? I can only see you on TV now".You sighed.
"Ha! You miss me! Haha. Everything’s fine. We are going home now". BAP’s dormitory was really close to your apartment so you had a idea.
"Home? Can I come visit you?" You asked hopefully.
"It’s almost midnight". He stated quite obviously.
"So that means I can’t come? " Your heart was screaming - you really needed to see his face, his smile. You missed him more than you thought you could. When your cellphone rang, your heart exploded.
"ALRIGHT ALRIGHT COME!…I’ll be waiting".

For the first time in your life, you tried to look cute and were using makeup - with your heart in your hands, you ran to find the guy that you can’t get out of your mind for almost three months. The night was really cold and and it was snowing.
From far away, you could see a tiny blond guy with a black hood waiting outside B.A.P’s dorm. He looked at you and smiled. Even though Jongup was the shortest in BAP, he was still taller than you.
"Hi". He said and you could see the white air coming out of his mouth.
"Sorry. Did you wait too long? You must be cold. " You said, worrying about him. He just shook his head negatively and looked at you.
"Hm. You look different".
"Different?" you asked curiously.
"Prettier". Jongup said laughing he was embarrassed. You felt your cheeks getting red and your heart pounding faster and faster.You two talked about silly things for a long time.His personality was Different from TV, Jongup was really fun to be with- he was just a little bit shy around people he doesn’t know.

The night was getting colder so you were shivering a little bit.
"Are you ok?" He asked, with his sweet voice. Out of the blue, he put his arms around your shoulders and laughed a little.
Your entire body was getting hot, but not from his arm, but the fact that his face were so close to your face.
"JongUp-ah…" You got ready to say to him what you felt. He looked at you, with his naive small eyes. "About you.. I.." You wanted to tell him how you feel, how much you want to hold his hand, how much you want to hug him, how much you want to kiss him, how much you want to have him only for yourself.

"Hm? What’s going on here?" You heard a voice behind you. Turning around, you see Himchan smiling."Who is she, Jongup?" In a weird way, Jongup
takes his arm away from your shoulders quickly and laughs shyly.
"Hyung! This is ———-. She is my childhood friend.
"Childhood friend.." That’s all you are for him… Feeling cold, you greet Himchan.
"Hi. I’m ————. Nice to meet you."
"Is she the girl you talked about? The one you said you liked. " Himchan asks, naturally while greeting you.
"No! Haha. I could never like ———-. She’s just a good friend."
His words attacked you unexpectedly. You knew Jongup didn’t feel the same way you do, but hearing him saying that just.. hurts. A lot. Without thinking, you just stood up and began walking away from him. You knew if you stayed by his side, you would start crying and acting silly. 
"Where are you going?" He asked. You just kept going away, going faster and almost running.
"——— ah!". He screamed.
"Go after her" You heard Himchan saying so you went faster trying to escape before you tears betrayed you.

As you ran tears were already falling from your eyes and the cold wind was burning your face. You felt someone pulling your arm but even without turning you already knew who that person was.
"Let me go!" You screamed.
"Not until you tell me what’s wrong."
"Just.Let. Me. Go." You said again, trying to get free from Jongup.
" ——— ah! " He pulled you close to him and looked into your eyes. " … Are you.. Why.. Why are you crying?" he looked at you in shock.
Hard to believe, but it was the first time you cried in front of him. Your throat hurt and you just wanted to go home. Everything was going wrong since you realized your in love with Jongup.
"——- ah.. Why?" He asked again.
" It’s because I hate you, okay?!" You exploded. " I hate you so much! " You don’t even know what your talking about at this moment." Everyday I think of you".
"You don’t go out of my mind even for a second! It’s hard, okay?! It hurts! I can’t see you. I can’t have you. And I hate you for making me feel like this!".

The snow was falling on you. You were cold, crying and screaming your lungs out.
Going back to normal, you see Jongup staring at you with an expressionless face - just then you realize everything you said and try to run away again. This time, he holds your hand and pulls you close to him. He was hugging you really tight - it just made you cry even more.All you wanted to say was to him was to let you go but you had no strength.
"——- ah.. I.. I didn’t know you felt the same way." He stepped back and looked at you smiling. Swiping his index finger across your cheek, he kisses your forehead.
"What…" You were extremely confused.
"For so long.. I’ve liked you. Only you." He laughed, feeling silly. " But I thought I was too… Too weak shy for you to like me."
"You… like me?" Still confused, you sniffeled.
"You like me, right? " He asked. You just nodded. Jongup came closer, staying just a few inches away from your face.
"Jongup-ah…". He smiled and kissed you.
The cold hadgone away - the pain too. You just couldn’t believe what was happening. Separating from you, he smiled again. The same smile that made you fall in love with him.
"I missed you." You said looking deep into his eyes.
"You won’t anymore." he embraced you.
~Written by Thisismycolorpalatte, Edited by Noori~
Please visit her page aswell she is an amazing writter with great idea’s so send some love down her way thanks guys!